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“The South Hill is a new Spokane-based rock group with soaring vocals, a cellist/keys/ tambourine player, and a whole hell of a lot of ambition. Long cuts with complicated structures, layered harmonies and a driving, dirty blues guitar, the South Hill is a total throwback. One part Allman Brothers, two parts Fleetwood Mac, and a dash of Thin Lizzy, for good measure. What makes this band special is that they manage to keep one foot forward, with a contemporary indie-folk sound.” –Behind the Setlist

“The Spokane quintet... has built up quite a following since forming two years ago.” –Inlander

“...we thought of The South Hill, naturally and unanimously, as a band that people would like to come out and hear.” —Neal Hallgarth, Programmer & DJ, KYRS

Album Review (Inlander)


Some basement in Arkansas. That’s where it all began back in 2003 when friends Joe Hinegardner and Phil Lamb stayed up into the wee hours of the morning with Phil playing parts he’d worked out on guitar and Joe singing to them impromptu, recorded onto an old tape recorder. Even in the early days, there was an undeniable spark when they combined their musical talents. From that day forward, they knew they’d someday form a band.

Fast forward to 2015, same two musicians, different basement—this time in Spokane, WA. After years of various musical endeavors, Joe and Phil finally lived in the same state and the musical spark was still there. Phil assembled a full band including his wife Angela Lamb, and friends Will Armstrong and Patrick Pugh, and The South Hill was born.

Named after an area of Spokane, “The South Hill” is a call to home for the band, a nod to the location where its five members finally landed and set down roots after nomadic histories all over the country. The group crafts an original sound that melds aspects of Bon Iver and Led Zeppelin, combining blues guitar with indie folk. Joe’s poetic lyrics are at once beautiful and complex, and demand repeat listens to digest their meaning. Smooth and captivating vocals and harmonies layered on melodic guitar form the basis of their sound, rounded out by drums, cello, bass, keys, and tambourine.


"DDR" named Song of the Day by Songtradr (11/21/17)

Nominated for "Best New Band/Artist" by the Bartlett Awards (1/11/18)


Phil Lamb // thesouthhillband@gmail.com